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Be Bold This Year



Take advantage of our January pricing for Business Portraits

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The Kissing Booth

Perfect For Valentine Cards

Bring In Your Little Sweethearts Jan 10-17th 2015




Have the best Valentine Cards this year!

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Community Corner

Whitnall Park Rotary Walk/Circle Ground breaking at Boerner Botanical Gardens – 12/17/2014
For more information about the project, click Here

Rotary_Circle--23-web*Pictured: Rotarians Jack Williams, Jim Helminski, and Jim Thorsen
Ground Breakers: Jack Williams, Jim Helminski, County Landscape Architect Jim Ciha, James Thorsen, Parks Director John Dargle, County Supervisor Steve Taylor, Shirley Walczak, and Ellen Hayward

Glad You Asked That

Do I really need a professional business portrait or can I just have a friend take it and use that one?

Well if you don’t want to get noticed have your friend do it. Otherwise, if you want to be serious about making a great impression, than go to a professional.

You only get one opportunity to make a first impression. If you don’t have a professional photo you send the message that you don’t take your career seriously and you are not very professional. Even before we have a business portrait in front of our camera we give them a few guidelines. Here are just a few tips:

  1. Dress professionally this usually mean a little more on the conservative side.
  2. Solid colors work best avoid those loud prints that tend to scream at you. Some colors can be very
    unflattering and make you look pale and washed-out. This is why we suggest bringing in a few choices
    we can help you in what will work best.
  3. Smile! This is why we do a variety of poses so you can choose. Some people like their smile while
    others prefer a pleasant look. A professional knows how to get that perfect look.

Once you have your professional portrait and have your digital file change it out ASAP! Get rid of the previous picture on your Facebook, blog, LinkedIn or anything else you might have that old one on and watch how you are going to get noticed!

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